The Kiln


In the movie “Howl’s moving castle”, Calcifer is the fire demon powering Howl’s castle. His magic not merely enables the castle moving around but keeping the people in the castle away from the war zone. In our world, city is expanding rapidly while more and more villages are shrinking. Villagers of Lai Chi Wo moved to the city to make a living. Why not build a pottery kiln in Lai Chi Wo? Same as Calcifer, it powers the village to sustain. The pottery kiln is proposed to be built with the local material. Villagers can make use of the pottery kiln and produce ceramic tiles for repairing the traditional Hakka houses. Since clay is the local material which does not require any transportation, this organic material is surely an environmental friendly option. The pottery kiln is a gesture of sustainable living style in the village instead of a symbol of rusty life.

Artist  | Chung Wai-ian, Tomy Lau Wing Yip, Jai Yip Shun Yan, Karly Lui Kar Yee