K 計劃 
Project K  




The project comes from a simple idea: How can artists make rural life to be recognized?

When artists are told that Sangwoodgoon need a composting toilet, artists are interested in finding out the significance and meaning behind it. Imagine that the toilet in city is no longer just an entrance of the sewage system, it can also be a container that holds the necessities of the land. Similar to rural life, instead of representing laggard, primitiveness and temporariness, composting toilet should be symbolizing the attitude of sustainable development. Even though artists cannot build a great number of composting toilets, artists would still like to deliver the message with the help of the art.

In this plan, artists are trying to operate the symbolic meaning behind composting toilet. Upon harvesting, we are expected to produce vegetables, jam and wine. In this way, artists can share their fruits with Hong Kong citizens, who live in urban areas and rarely get in touch with farmland.

The work ‘Project K’ was presented in the project ‘Art exchange project between Kam Tin and Busan - In Search Of Peachland’,  which was curated by C&G Artpartment in 2015.

Work exhibited at C&G Artpartment ‘Art exchange project between Kam Tin and Busan - In Search Of Peachland’

藝術家 | 鍾惠恩、吳家俊、張景威  
Artist | Chung Wai-ian, Ng Ka-chun, Cheung King-wai